Thursday, April 30, 2009

PEANUT BUTTER is Terrific for Toddlers!

MAY 2009 Parents Magazine picks I'M YOUR PEANUT BUTTER BIG BROTHER (Knopf) as a book to help teach kids about the world.  Yahoo!

The article, 'Around the World One Story at a Time', highlights several books to achieve this goal.  "We all want to raise kids who respect people of different races, cultures, and religions.  But what if your child doesn't live or go to school in an environment where she can learn firsthand about other ethnicities?  That's where stories that celebrate the world's diversity come in... There are so many wonderful children's books that open a window into diverse experiences.  We've picked out a few of our favorites." (Page 40)

I love that I am listed along with some of MY absolute fave author/illustrators, such as Karen Katz and Marjorie Priceman.  Way way back when I had just graduated from Art School, I was given a copy of Priceman's, "How to Make an Apple Pie and see the World" by an editor at Knopf .  She told me to study it, as she said (to the best of my recollection, it was a LONG time ago!) that it was an example of spectacular story-telling.  I fell in love with the naive, playful illustrations and the whimsical story of a girl who travels around the world gathering ingredients to make her pie.   I have constantly referred to the book over the years for inspiration, and the well worn copy is still on my (and sometimes my children's) book shelves today.  You can only imagine how thrilled, and honored, I was when I picked up a copy of Parents Magazine and saw that MY debut book as author/illustrator was included in this awesome book's company!  

Just one more quick note before I sign off.  I recently read a funny comment from a reader of a blog which reviewed Peanut Butter Big Brother.  Maureen wrote: "Oh, I just read this last week! It was a wonderful book. Is it awful to say it made me hungry?"


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Paul Hoppe said...

Hi Selina!
Congrats to all the nice response for PEANUT BUTTER! It's so well deserved. It's so nice that your book can help children understand a little something about the world.