Monday, February 1, 2010

How I Became My Doppelganger

Before writing and illustrating children's books full-time I made money illustrating in other ways. One thing I did was depict a performer each week for a Las Vegas publication called, "Showbiz Weekly". I did this gig for four years, and never did I miss a week caricaturing such famous (read: washed-up) celebs as: The Smothers Brothers, Phyllis Diller and Wayne Brady. I did hundreds of these portraits. Some likenesses were spot-on and some totally sucked. Such were the challenges of illustrating an on-going column.

One week, right after September 11, 2001, I was asked to do Marlo Thomas. This portrait appeared a week later in the mag. Her sunny smile belies the overwhelming angst the Nation was feeling at the time. But then again that's Vegas for you, a faux fur 'n fabulous place to escape reality!

At the time I was also working with a designer to develop my first website and 'graphic identity'. On a whim, I sent him this portrait of That Girl!, and he used it on my stationary, business cards and website. Just like that, Marlo Thomas became me and I was instantly synonymous with this lovely actress.

And that is how This Girl became That Girl!

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Selina Alko said...

By the way, the whole 'doppleganger thing' came from a game on facebook.