Friday, July 16, 2010

Brooklyn sweet Brooklyn

Fast forward 3 months and the art for, 'B IS FOR BROOKLYN' is finished! It has been quite a journey depicting some of my favorite places in my beloved borough for this hip, new alphabet book. Of course, it won't appear as an actual, honest-to-goodness book for another year and half– but let's not be picky. The art is DONE and I feel good. My job now is to bid this brief, creative period of my life good-bye and take a leap in handing it all over to my Publisher. 'B IS FOR BROOKLYN' (Holt) will hit the shelves in the Spring of 2012. Stay tuned!


bethesda14610 said...

Salina, the pictures are *beautiful* and I look forward to buying the book!

Susan Levinson

Paul Hoppe said...

Congrats Selina! This looks wonderful. What a dream project!

Rebecca said...

Love your work Selina!

Anonymous said...

Learning makes life sweet.

Storied Cities said...

I just discovered your blog and these illustrations look great, I look forward to this new book about our great borough.

Also I might mention, that even though my son has made me read him My Subway Ride 10,000 times, I still enjoy the illustrations and searching out the little bits of fabric you used in the collage.