Monday, January 26, 2009

Peanut Butter Promotion

My debut as AUTHOR begins this spring with the publication of, I'm Your Peanut Butter Big Brother (which I also illustrated), but getting the word out for the book has already begun!  My wonderful publicist at Knopf has been busy setting a few things up, helping me get into the spirit of self-promotion.  

The first thing came to me a few weeks ago while my family was vacationing on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I received an email asking if I was available to do an interview for Sirius Radio for an All About Kids segment with Sesame Workshop.  It was a LIVE interview set for 9 AM est, which is (yikes!) 4 AM Hawaii time.  But who I am to pass up an interview?  After all, it's my very first book that I have both written and illustrated, I need all the press and buzz I can get!  Who cares about relaxation!  Who needs sleep?  Forget the fact that I'm not really sleeping anyway, since my 11 month old has been in our bed most nights anyway!  So I said, bring on the interview!  When the dark and ungodly hour arrived, fresh brewed Kona coffee in hand, notes from my talking points in front of me, I waited for 'the phone call'.  Apparently, it was the-call-that-could-not-get-through, since no-one was at the condo's reception area to receive it AND they had misplaced my cell #!  In retrospect I guess I can say it was good practice... the live interview is rescheduled for February 27th!  Now I have plenty of time to let people know about it, plus it's closer to the release of the book.

The second blog-worthy promotional event for, I'm Your Peanut Butter big Brother is a PRINT interview, which will be in this March's: Time Out New York Kids.  Last week, fresh off the Aloha Jet I met with Maureen Shelly from TONY Kids at the Cupcake Cafe midtown.  Always welcoming an opportunity to get out of my studio and head into the city, I chatted with Maureen about the makings of Peanut Butter.  It was a really enlightening conversation covering everything from the original inspiration for my story to the current political culture.  We talked about how completely thrilling Obama's Inauguration Day was (since it was the same week!) and for me, especially, the significance an African America President has on my biracial children.  I am looking forward to seeing the interview in print and will, of course, post it when it comes out in this March's issue of Time Out New York Kids.

And finally, there will be a BOOK RELEASE PARTY for I'm Your Peanut Butter Big Brother at Book Court in Carroll Gardens, on Friday, March 13th.   Should be the event of the season!  Come alone or bring a date, your kids, nieces, nephews, mother-in-law, etc., for an evening of wine, cheese and schmoozing.  Would love to see each and everyone of you for my big debut!  By the way, there is also supposed to be a day time reading at Book Court on Sunday, March 15th especially for kiddos, so the book release party might be a nice opportunity for a night out -- sans the little ones.     

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Lauren Castillo said...

Congratulations on the near release of your first authored book! The cover is adorable, and I can't wait to read the story. Looking forward to that release party!